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Hello Neighbors!

As a 5th district resident, I understand the importance of representation for our community. My goal as your supervisor is to invest in a thriving community for our current and future residents. With community support we can make positive changes. We can integrate equity when making decisions about infrastructure, public transit and small business growth. We can support teachers, emergency first responders, children and our senior community members.​ We can prepare our community to be resilient 

I made the decision to become a community advocate because of my experience during the CZU fire. My family lost our home and we had to navigate the rebuilding process. During this experience I learned there are many issues affecting our community and this became my motivation to run for supervisor. Our district residents deserve to inherit a community which is resilient and affordable through moral governance.

As a small business owner and Treasurer on the Fire Safe Council managing $1M+ in prevention resources, I know first hand how important proper budget management is. In our current economic situation, it is more important than ever.
If you believe our district deserves leadership that listens, speaks truth, advocates for our community and acts so all people have the opportunity to flourish, join me and be part of the positive change we deserve.
In community, always.


To RSVP your opportunity to meet your next 5th District Supervisor, enjoy FREE BBQ and an afternoon with your neighbors.          

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