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Christopher Bradford for 5th District Supervisor
Hello Neighbors!
I’m Christopher Bradford, a husband, a father, and I am running for 5th District County Supervisor. After losing our home in the CZU Fire's devastation, my family experienced a second tragedy: the county response and recovery efforts. Navigating callous obstruction while trying to pick up the pieces, I realized that so many families not only felt unseen, but were also suffering greatly due to the county response. A tragedy upon tragedy. I’m running to be the engaged and supportive representative our community deserves.
As a Boulder Creek resident, local business owner, and Treasurer on the Fire Safe Council managing $1M+ in prevention resources, I’m deeply invested in this place thriving for the next generation. All of our children deserve to inherit a community made more just, resilient and affordable through moral governance.
With courage, we can reform the systems that are failing residents today. That means cutting the bureaucratic red tape that is still delaying families from rebuilding after disasters. It means integrating equity into decisions about infrastructure, public transit access, and small business growth that strengthens our economy from the ground up. It means housing our teachers and workforce so children have nurturing classrooms and communities can thrive. It means ensuring our seniors can age with dignity through expanded care and support. The solutions are there if we stand up unflinchingly for one another.
Join us if you believe this district warrants leadership that listens first, speaks truth, and governing with relentless advocacy so all people flourish. I aim to be that collaborative, principled representative as your next County Supervisor.

In community,
Christopher Bradford
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