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“Christopher Bradford is an articulate, sensitive, caring community member, father, and business owner who speaks for families impacted by the 2020 fires, the Big Basin water fiasco, and workforce housing insecurity. When we elect him to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, he will excel in a quick learning curve on every topic the board must take responsibility for: public health, law enforcement, roads, affordable housing, and much more. We need caring decision-makers representing the people of this county through the chaos of climate change, and I believe Christopher is up to the task.” -Ellen Farmer, Santa Cruz Resident 


“Christopher is an outstanding leader. From his discipline of meticulous martial arts coaching to the love, charm, and respect he has instilled within his beautiful family displays to all who have the pleasure of encountering. Christopher is always seeking to help out our families. I'll never forget the time he came late at night to help my wife by setting up a heater in our temporary living trailer during one of the power outages when I was out of town for work. Christopher has maintained a consistently positive attitude throughout the many hardships he and his family have endured along with our entire neighborhood. I believe he truly knows that he has the ability to formulate a blueprint to create the best environment possible for us all. His enthusiasm is contagious, and I am very excited at the prospect of enjoying a sense of comfortability knowing he is at the helm. We can rely on Christoper to lead our community by making timely, yet effective decisions. This is precisely what the district needs to represent the people whom so dearly need it.” -Geno Murdoch, Boulder Creek Resident


“I’m endorsing Christopher Bradford for the 5th District Supervisor position because of his passion beliefs and drive.  He puts fire safety and prevention forefront which is critical to this district.” - Sue Sonnichsen, Scotts Valley Resident 


“I am endorsing Christopher Bradford for Supervisor of the 5th District for multiple reasons;  he has passion, understands the community and acknowledges that the 5th district needs a driver for all people.”-Mike Mattews, Scotts Valley Resident 


 “I went to a meet and greet for Christopher Bradford out of mild curiosity because I had followed supervisor McPherson for several years. Imagine my surprise when I found everyone at the meet and greet to be ignited by a new sense of HOPE for a better future that arrives sooner rather than later. Affordable housing, making it possible for extended families to live close to one another here instead of having to move out of the area. Here is a candidate who is already well-established in fire, safety, diversity, progress, and most of all Transforming our planning, and health departments to become more transparent and knowledgeable as they make decisions for their constituents, who make up our unique and wonderful communities in the fifth district!” -Jen Miller, Scotts Valley Resident 


“Our district is in desperate need of representation by someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and understanding to what our community truly needs. Christopher Bradford exemplifies all of these qualities and more. I confidently give my endorsement of Christopher for supervisor of the 5th district of Santa Cruz County.” -Julie Lucia, Boulder Creek Resident 


“Christopher has a vision, backed by well thought out ideas, to address the issues which face our community. Our district deserves a new and fresh approach to address its many needs. I believe Christopher can be the representative who can bring about the much needed change we deserve.” -Shandra Hunt, Boulder Creek Resident 

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