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Stephany Aguilar: Retired Scotts Valley Mayor/Council-member, 54 year Scotts Valley Resident

Angie Gruys: Senior Program and Communications Specialist, Resource Conservation District *


Antonia Bradford: Community Activist/Organizer, Boulder Creek Resident, CZU Fire Survivor Advocate


Shandra Hunt: Lifelong District Resident, SLV Resident for 27 years, Community Activist, Small Business Owner, Owner of Hillhouse Farm


Julia Monahan: Scotts Valley Resident, Small Business Owner, DEI Member


Angie Pennington: Scotts Valley Resident, Director of Communications/Education, DEI Member


Gil Pennington: Scotts Valley Resident, Google Sales Operations


Chris Clayton: Scotts Valley Resident, Real Estate Professional, Fire Survivor Advocate 


Jen Miller: Boulder Creek and Scotts Valley resident for 35 years, Santa Cruz County social impact volunteer, and nonprofit education marketing director


Julie Lucia: Scotts Valley Teacher, Boulder Creek Resident, CZU Fire Survivor, Community Activist 


Ann Thryft: Boulder Creek Resident for 23 Years, Valley Women’s Club Member*, Community Activist, Semi-Retired Technology Journalist


Jayson Madani: Scotts Valley Resident, Real Estate Professional


Helena Quixada: Boulder Creek Resident, Engineer, Political Activist 


Suzy Hunt: Scotts Valley resident, retired business owner and nonprofit leader


Chris Copeland: Glenwood Resident, Retired Insurance Professional, Fire Survivor Advocate 


Ken Moberg: San Lorenzo Valley Resident for 26 years, Assistant SLVHS Soccer Coach*, Software Engineer


Carole Doskey: San Lorenzo Valley Resident for 26 years, Admin for California State Parks


Ellen Farmer:  Santa Cruz Resident, Writer and Community Organizer 


Sarah Armstong: Felton Resident, Community Activist, Intellectual Property Specialist 


Sean Lamb: Lompico Resident, Valley Women’s Club Member*, Community Activist


Suzanne Lamb: Lompico Resident, Valley Women’s Club Member*, Community Activist


Katherine Baird: Boulder Creek Resident, Health Care Provider, Community Activist 


Rhonda Fassbender: Boulder Creek Resident, CZU Fire Survivor, Paralegal and Equity Professional 


Lindsay Wasserman: Santa Cruz Mountains Resident for 45 years,  Boulder Creek Resident 15 years, Retired Caterer and Horse Coach, CZU Fire Survivor 


Ron Emerson: Santa Cruz Mountains resident for 49 years, Boulder Creek Resident 15 years, Landscape Architect and Master Gardener, CZU Fire Survivor


Karen Anderson: Boulder Creek Resident, Former Elected Trustee of Ventura Pension Board, Retired Small Business Owner, CZU Fire Survivor, Environmental Advocate

Carnen Gonzalez: Boulder Creek Resident for 25 years, Small Business Owner, Master Gardener


Mateo Gonzalez: Boulder Creek Resident, Green Building Architect 


Sue Sonnichsen: Scotts Valley Resident, Lifelong resident of the Santa Cruz County, consultant and retired Consumer Package Goods Sales and Business Development Director  

Michael Matthews: Scotts Valley Resident, Consultant Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist 

Geno Murdoch: Boulder Creek Resident, Training Manager: Roofing Construction Education, CZU Fire Survivor

Gretchen McNelis-Heimsoth: San Lorenzo Valley Resident for 33 years, P.E. Teacher SLV Elementary School*, Mother

Phaedra Schrock: Boulder Creek Resident, Property Management Professional, CZU Fire Survivor

Diedre Rogers: Felton Resident, President of Ergovera Ergonomic Consulting


Tess Fitzgerald: Boulder Creek Resident of 24 years

Dave Stevison: Ben Lomond Resident, Contractor


Virginia Wright: Felton Grove Resident, Director of Development SJSU*

Nona Williams: Felton Grove Resident, 25 Year SLV Resident, Retired Librarian Specializing in Library Tech

Clara Elliot: Felton Resident, Firewise Member, UC Climate Steward, California Naturalist 

Brigit Thomas: 32 Year SLV Resident, Nanny, Former Interpretive Specialist at Henry Cowell


David Powers: Lifetime Felton Resident, Psychotherapist, Owner of Powers Therapy In Santa Cruz


Lori Metzler: Felton Resident, Customer Success Executive Microsoft*


Greg Rauch: Ben Lomond Resident, Lifelong SLV Resident, Father, Retired Engineer, HAM Radio Operator 


Masood Madani: Ben Lomond Resident, Business Owner, Real Estate Professional 


Julie Jennings: 45 Year Boulder Creek Resident, City of San Jose Recreation Superintendent, Admin Division-Capital Budget Unit, Vice Chair of the Federated City of San Jose Retirement Board 


Stephen Homan: Retired Environmental Health Specialist and County Employee, CZU Fire Survivor, Community Advocate


Dan Hughes: Boulder Creek Resident, Water Source Advocate

Terrance Van Ausdall: 32 Year Boulder Creek Resident, Electrical Engineer

Debbie Rice: 40 Year Boulder Creek Resident, Retired Educator


*Used for identifying purposes only

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