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Hello Felton Neighbors!


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and invite you to a virtual meet and greet! I am Christopher Bradford and I am running for 5th District Supervisor. Our beautiful district spans the San Lorenzo Valley, a part of south Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, and sections of Santa Cruz. It is the geographically largest district in the county and each area of our district has its own culture and concerns.  


It is remarkably important to me to connect with as many residents of the 5th District as I humanly can so I can hear firsthand what it is you need from your county supervisor and for you to learn more about my campaign. Since you are in the unincorporated area of the county the supervisor is your local representation and who has that position matters greatly.

I hope you come to this virtual meet and greet to connect on Wednesday  2/21/24 @ 6:30 PM! This is for Felton residents only:


1. Here is the link to register







2. A questionnaire where you can let me know some of your concerns. Use this form to submit your questions for the meeting ahead of time!





3. Please see below Lookout Candidate Forum/Debate where you can get acquainted with me and my campaign! 



I truly hope to see you on that zoom call! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to my campaign. I am an open book and do not shy away from questions, even the tough ones.



In Community, 


Christopher Bradford

Candidate for 5th District Supervisor 








Lookout Debate/Candidate Forum 01/22/2024 Hotel Paradox Santa Cruz, CA Video cred: Lookout 

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