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2nd Annual Scotts Valley Multicultural Fair

Updated: Apr 6

Today the SVUSD hosted a multicultural fair at Skypark, and it was splendid! Wonderful to see the community coming out to support. There were many booths from myriad cultures, and some great folks having deep conversations, sharing and exploring some of the cultural roots and cultural arts that folks are passionate about.

The performers were skilled, powerful, and some very cute. Haha. Seeing the children up on stage and expressing themselves in this way was a real treat.

I didn’t catch every act, but the ones I saw had folks’ feet tapping, and the crowd was appreciative of the great effort that clearly went behind each performance.

These events are a great reminder that the community here on the mountain isn’t monolithic; we’ve got a proper mix of groups and backgrounds, all coming together to live and love up here. If you missed this one, definitely get the next one on your calendar when you can!

The food and art on display was interesting and rich in all the rights ways; in design, in cultural importance, and in flavor. Looking forward to the next one. Congratulations and a hearty Well Done do the folks at the Scotts Valley Unified School District who put this on.

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