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A Campaign Rooted in Community Advocacy

Updated: Apr 4

Thank you to the Press Banner for this article highlighting some of the attributes of my campaign!  Thank you to my supporter Tess Fitzgerald of Boulder Creek for this amazing quote:

"The Fifth District sorely needs and deserves a fully engaged representative who understands genuine constituent engagement and representation is their primary function,” said Tess Fitzgerald, a Boulder Creek resident and Bradford supporter.

“We need a Supervisor who isn’t a professional politician—or aspiring to be one—we need an advocate and a voice that speaks for us. These past five years have been incredibly challenging in the Fifth District, and I am confident having seen Christopher step up and reach out to the community time and time again—long before a run for Fifth District Supervisor was on people’s minds—that he will succeed in providing authentic, effective and thoughtful leadership on behalf of Fifth District residents and the residents of the county as a whole.”

I am not a professional politician, and I think that is a very good thing! I have not been the right arm of the county for a decade, rather I have been a community advocate for access to safe and clean drinking water and for fire survivors struggling to get back home after losing it all. Because I have walked the path, I understand intimately whats been happening on the ground, how to address it and why it matters not just for the survivors but for our entire community.

My campaign started because of these challenges that my community was facing and continues to face. We do not need more of the same, we need someone who is outside of the establishment speaking for the people that have not only lacked representation but have suffered. The people of this district deserve a supervisor deeply embedded within the community, not one clinging to the status quo. We need a fresh approach, and I believe that I am the one who will bring that to the table. My campaign offers a clear alternative to business-as-usual leadership.

I aim to provide thoughtful representation that addresses constituents' real needs with compassion. Together, we can forge an inclusive path that leaves no one behind. I'm ready to do the hard work needed to help District Five finally thrive to its full potential. It's time.


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