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A Weekend Of Community

Hey Neighbors,

This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending two community events that truly highlighted how special our district is.

Friday night my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Great Gatsby Auction Gala, a wonderful fundraiser put on by the Bobcat Club for San Lorenzo Valley Elementary (SLVE) at beautiful Roaring Camp in Felton.  It was immensely heartening to see our community come together so enthusiastically to support vital programs like Sports, Music, Art, and Life Lab at our local elementary school.

And this afternoon I attended the Boulder Creek Business Association's Annual Dinner and Fundraiser Auction at YMCA Camp Campbell. The BCBA does terrific work to support and promote the Boulder Creek community, and I'm grateful for the volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts. Kudos to the BCBA for organizing a successful fundraiser in support of their initiatives for the town. It's encouraging to see that level of civic engagement!

These types of events really show just how deeply committed our neighbors are to the community in which we live. It inspires me in my own efforts to engage, give back and do what I can to lift our community up. Thank you to everyone who not only took the time to organize these events, but those who showed up to support. It was great to see.

In Community, always.


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