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An Evening Of Community And Where We Stand

Updated: Apr 4

Last night was an amazing evening full of community and love. I was so blessed to have so many wonderful supporters come together to celebrate this campaign. We had supporters from across the district make their way to Brookdale and a fun time was had by all.

I want to communicate a few things as there is a bit of confusion in the process of this election. Our team has had people reach out to us very disappointed because they thought our opponent has won. No one was won. We had others congratulate us on a runoff, and that has not been decided either. Currently we are in limbo.

In this election, one candidate has to get 50% plus one in order to win without a runoff in November. With the way the numbers are trending, most media sources are predicting a runoff between myself and Ms. Martinez in the primary.

Let me explain why this is amazing news. We started this campaign two solid years after her. We had 1/5 of the money raised because our late start. We have had no establishment backing or their endorsements. The reason why this is even possible is because of our amazing supporters who have worked so hard on this campaign. Truly it takes a village and that is what we have in spades.

All of that being said, there are many votes to still be counted. In dialogue this morning with the elections office the numbers listed are from ballots that were mailed in and received before yesterday and all in person voting. There is no precinct information available as of yet. The elections office will release more information this coming Friday. They are working very hard to get us that information, staying last night until 3 AM. My team has deep appreciation for their diligence and commitment to getting those votes counted correctly and I ask everyone have patience with this process.

If you would like to check the status of your ballot being received and processed please visit this link, it is quick and easy and you find out your ballot status instantly:

We will share updates as we receive them. Thank you again for your support, I could not do this without you.

In Community, always.


Ps. Huge thanks to the Brookdale Lodge for having us, a place central to the community in SLV. What better place for a campaign focused on community to come and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together.

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