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Boulder Creek Meet and Greet

Another amazing meet and greet! I can not thank our gracious hosts, who are also fire family, enough for opening up their home to our campaign and their neighbors. These events are so much fun, so much interesting dialogue, good food. And getting to meet more of the amazing people who call this district home. It’s very special to me and my team.

Ken and his family are some of the very lucky few who have successfully navigated the labyrinth of county requirements for rebuilds post CZU. Our recovery rate is astonishingly low, and it didn’t have to be this way.

The room was filled with my fire brothers and sisters, and our stories of struggle with our recovery were all very similar. Not a single person felt supported by the county, in fact it was the exact opposite. They told stories of adversary, obstruction and pain.

The CZU fire and its aftermath are not in a vacuum. It exposed in great detail the ways the county needs to change so that its people have government that works for them, not against.

Experience matters. My family knows first hand what it means to be on the wrong side of the government. It’s critical to me that our most vulnerable community members have a seat at the table, so everyone is taken care of. Because of my personal experiences I am deeply rooted in advocacy for the people of this district. I know support would have gone a long way for my family, and I pledge to fight for each and every one of you when I become supervisor.

Want to host a meet and greet? Connect with us so we can get one on the books! Not only will you get to know me, I will get to learn what matters to you.

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