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Community coming together at the annual CZU Remembrance Gathering

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my family, along with 911 other families, losing their homes during the CZU fire. The news of the Maui fire coinciding with our own fire anniversary made this anniversary especially difficult. So many hearts have been heavy; and rightfully so. The current rebuild recovery in our county is less than 4%. Three years later, our community is still grieving our tremendous loss.

On Saturday our community came together at the 3rd Annual CZU Remembrance Event at the Historic Brookdale Lodge. It was an incredible gathering of community. Attendees were able to reflect on the fire and also had the opportunity to obtain critical information for fire risk mitigation, disaster recovery, and emergency preparedness.

My wife Antonia founded this event in 2021. Her mission was simple; to bring our community together after this tragedy.

This event has evolved into something much more.

Representatives from the county, the state and other agencies attended to give critical information for fire risk mitigation, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery. Everyone I spoke with gushed with enthusiasm about the event. I can not even begin to tell you how proud I am of Antonia for her vision, drive, and efforts to bring community together.

The resources our community acquired today are paramount. The organizations dedicated to fire abatement and safety will help us to be proactive, instead of reactive, when the next natural disaster comes.

We are working hard as a community to routinely prepare for natural disasters, including fire abatement. I am proud to support our community efforts.

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