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Cookout Was A Smash Success

Hello Neighbors!

Yesterday was our cookout at Hallcrest Vineyards and it could not have gone better. We had a terrific showing of neighbors, delicious food and gorgeous weather.

I want to thank the Team Bradford volunteers who worked tirelessly to make yesterday the success that it was. The efforts put forth truly encapsulate the meaning of grassroots: neighbors coming together to effect change in their communities.

The energy at the event was palpable, with conversations buzzing about our shared vision for the 5th District. It was heartening to see people from all walks of life coming together, sharing ideas, and building connections. This is exactly the kind of community engagement that will drive positive change in our area.

I had the pleasure of speaking with many of you about the issues that matter most to our district - from fire safety and environmental protection to responsible development and preserving our unique rural character. Your insights and concerns will continue to shape my campaign and, if elected, my tenure as your Supervisor.

Events like these remind me why I'm running for office. It's about bringing people together, fostering open dialogue, and working collaboratively to address the challenges we face. The success of yesterday's cookout is a testament to the strength and spirit of our community.

As we move forward in this campaign, I'm more energized than ever by your support and engagement. Together, we can build a brighter future for the 5th District.

Thank you again to everyone who attended, to our gracious hosts at Hallcrest Vineyards, and to the incredible Team Bradford volunteers. Your dedication and enthusiasm are the heart of this campaign.

In community, always.


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