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Equity in Elections: A Seat at the Table for All Voices

Updated: Apr 4

Hello Neighbors and Happy Sunday!

Yesterday morning I attended the DWC Endorsement forum where I had the chance to share some of my vision and passions for the 5th district and the county. It was wonderful to see so many other passionate candidates sharing their own perspectives!  These opportunities are something I take very seriously, whether or not an endorsement is given. It is a chance to connect and share with other like minded folks and make more people aware of my campaign.

At the end of last week I started receiving concerned calls and text messages from community members about my name  being excluded from a press release announcing qualified candidates from an endorsement forum that is to be held next week by the Democratic Central Committee of Santa Cruz County. I was not made aware of my disqualification until people started reaching out to my campaign.  I want to assure you that I am not only a qualified candidate, but I am officially on the ballot.

The due date for the questionnaire to be included was last Friday at 5 pm. There was some miscommunication on the part of the DCC and the time deadline was not communicated to me, so I submitted it at 7:30.  Initially the decision to disqualify me was unwavering with multiple committee members standing firm with that decision, but thankfully the good folks at the DCC recognized this was a mistake on their part and have not only acknowledged it, but have assured me that I am allowed to participate next Wednesday.

While I am very thankful this mistake was rectified, what I am concerned about is the press release that was published and widely shared, with my name excluded. My campaign has requested that a corrected press release be published, highlighting the mistake and including my name. To not have my name included doesn’t represent my campaign in the light that it should, and seemingly it is the only fair thing to do.

I want to thank my supporters, who unbeknownst to me, started emailing committee members immediately to ask for an explanation and correction. I can not tell you enough how much I value your support. These kind of mistakes have serious implications for campaigns such as mine. All candidates deserve a seat at the table, their voices heard and ideas shared; whether or not they are the establishment candidate or a grassroots one. This is not the first time my name has been excluded in the press, and you calling it out on your own accord reminds me that while I do not have the engine of the establishment behind me, I have a swell of amazing community members who share the same vision and hope that I do for the future of our beautiful district, and Santa Cruz County.

Lastly, please share this post if you can. There is no way to determine how many voters saw that press release and made the assumption my campaign was no longer valid. I would greatly appreciate it!



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