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IMPORTANT: Update on Big Basin Water

Updated: Apr 4

Hello Neighbors,

I have an important update regarding Big Basin Waters. On Friday, the Superior Court approved an expansion of the budget for managing Big Basin Waters' infrastructure and operations.

These additional funds will go towards hiring project managers, repairing and rehabilitating the water system, providing some support for consolidation efforts, and covering ongoing operational costs. This budget increase is a positive step, but does not fully resolve the long-term challenges facing Big Basin Waters.

I encourage everyone served by Big Basin Waters to continue paying your water bills on time and conserve water where possible. The community's cooperation is crucial as we work to stabilize the water system.

Please see my new video for a brief explanation of the court's budget approval. This is an important milestone, but our work ensuring reliable, high-quality water continues. I will keep you updated on any new developments. As always, reach out with any questions!

In Community,


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