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Kick Off Was a Great Success

Updated: Apr 6


That’s what I am feeling right now.

I want to thank everyone who came attended and braved the heat yesterday to connect and hear what my campaign is about. Thank you to those who made contributions.

I especially want to thank from the bottom of my heart the group of powerful women from SLV, Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz who worked tirelessly to make my kick off such a powerful event. I am blessed with such amazing support.

This is a campaign created from a labor of love. Love for our mountains and the people who make it their home. This is what makes this campaign special. The intention. It is truly grassroots, not just in words but in action.

There are many ways be get involved and we need you.

We can not do this without the members of our beloved community.

Click on the Support the Campaign page to contribute or volunteer.

Please contribution if you can. No amount is too small. We need these funds for upcoming campaign expenses.

You can volunteer!

Host a meet and greet at your home.

Contact us to participate in other crucial tasks.

Let’s do this together and make the changes our district needs!

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