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Out of the Darkness

Updated: Apr 4

This weekend I attended the first “Out of the Darkness” event in Santa Cruz County. This community event and walk is to bring mental health awareness and the conversation of suicide out in the open. People gathered and visited booths with critical information for those communities who are especially vulnerable. It was powerful to see so much support and love, but also sobering to see the many faces of those who we have lost on the t-shirts of the participants.

It is hard to find anyone who has not been touched by suicide. I have seen first hand in my own family the pain and anguish that follows, and have watched those that I love struggle in these ways. The more we talk about these issues and the more community comes together to support the better outcome we will have.

If you struggle with these feelings know there is a lot of support out there and you are not alone. You matter and we need you here.

Suicide Hotline: Dial 988

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