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Heading To A Runoff!

Updated: Apr 4

Hello Neighbors!

I wanted to share the latest update regarding the election results. We had a good increase in votes and continue to be in second place. The elections department is going to be working over the course of the weekend and there will be another update on Monday afternoon. The general consensus is that the results rarely change significantly after the initial count and this latest ballot count reinforces that idea. If that trend continues with the next update then we will be headed to a runoff in November!

Our volunteers and I are so excited for this opportunity to continue our grassroots campaign for change. With the enormous advantage our opponent has had in both fundraising and support from the establishment, who are deeply invested in maintaining the status quo, a runoff shouldn't have been possible.

We will continue to bring updates as we get them. Thank you so much for all the support and enthusiasm. If we do get that runoff I want to offer you an opportunity to put that enthusiasm to work as a volunteer. As the only grassroots campaign on the ticket our success will truly depend on our volunteers. Come and be a part of the fun (yes, politics CAN be fun.) Just send an email to

Thank you to everyone who cast their ballot in this primary election; your participation is crucial for shaping our democracy and making your voice heard.

In community, always.


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