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Thank You!

Updated: Apr 4

Today is the big day.

Today we find out if we won, if we lost or if we are heading to a runoff in November. Please make sure that you vote today. Ask your friends and family if they've voted. We have a duty to cast our ballots; local politics is where our votes count the most, and is where our vote can create the most change in alignment with our values and goals.

Yesterday we had an amazing day of phone banking where we received many joyous and enthusiastic messages of support from every corner of the district. They were wonderful to receive and gives my campaign a lot of hope this Election Day.

Its important to me that everyone know how incredibly grateful I am, not only for this experience of running for office, but for the amazing volunteers and supporters who have been there beside me. I have said it before and I will say it again: this is not about me, this is about us.

To those volunteers who have worked so tirelessly on this campaign, the amount of gratitude I have for you is tremendous. I am so humble that you have had so much faith in me, it’s hard to imagine not winning with such passion. You are an amazing reminder of what is possible when community comes together.

And lastly, I want to thank my campaign manager and wife Antonia. Her ability to bring people together for a common good and make politics fun and accessible to everyone can not be overstated. We have been blessed to have her efforts!

Look forward to seeing the results roll in. We are having an election watch party this evening in San Lorenzo Valley. If you would like details just send us a message at

Happy Election Day and thank you for voting!


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