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The Importance of Socio-Economic Diversity

Updated: Apr 4

Hey neighbors!

As we move along in this campaign I am intensely grateful for all the enthusiasm and support that my supporters are giving me and my team. It feeds our drive and motivation to keep going, and keep going we shall.

I want to speak to a subject that has come up a lot in this campaign: diversity. There is no argument this is the most diverse ticket for this seat that has ever existed. I have shied away from playing the race politics card, I never wanted to use my Blackness as a tool to convince someone why they should vote for me. I wanted to be a candidate that who just happened to be Black. It should be about me, not the color of my skin. And while its important to note that not a single Black person has ever occupied the seat of 5th district as supervisor, there is another kind of diversity that is being completely ignored: Socio-economic diversity.

This is something that transcends all skin color and is wildly important to have represented here in the fifth district where so many working class families reside.

There are different approaches to running a campaign. It is widely understood that you can either have the establishment/status quo or you can have the people. I assert that my campaign is one of the people. That is why I run, and that is why I fight. It is why I want to represent the people to the government, not the government to the people.

I am a working class father and husband who understands personally the struggles of living in the most expensive county in the country. I know how hard my neighbors work to make ends meet and have seen first hand the hardships that come when we have elected officials that just don’t get it because of their different economic status. This perspective matters. So many lower middle class are left out in the cold because they haven’t had a voice; these struggles are so outside the experiences of those with more resources they can’t understand the reality for so many and often create policy that is the exact opposite of its intention: harmful.

It also creates an environment where local small businesses are left largely unsupported and our historic downtowns along the highway nine corridor are neglected. The families that own these businesses are the working middle class that I speak of and this kind of economic justice, equality and opportunity is monumentally important to me. They deserve our investment and attention, and it benefits all of us for these working class folks to be supported.

It creates a situation when natural disasters strike that the recovery response from our elected officials is damaging. Not understanding that the delays, obstruction and intensified building requirements would increase the costs of repairs forcing working families to make the heartbreaking decision to leave their communities.

When proposals are made, and policy voted on we need a representative that keeps everyone in mind so that all our boats can rise with the tide, not just some.

Socio-economic diversity matters.

As a genuine grassroots and community-focused campaign I pledge to fight for everyone. I will fight for your working class family because my own family is working class. �

We have a lot of meet and greets coming up, and I would love for you to join us. It's a great opportunity to get to know me better, but more importantly a chance for me to get to know you. It's so important to me that your voices are heard. And even though they are political events, they are actually a great time! You can visit my website and submit your information to stay in the loop!

Look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


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