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Transparency and Communication in County Government

Updated: Apr 4

Hey neighbors,

I received an email from a supporter asking if I had heard about Supervisors Koenig and McPherson considering a policy to allow people who have been blocked from building, to sell to a private developer from outside of the area... and incentivizing that transaction for the developer. This blurb was from the Lookout, not even on their website, but posted at the bottom of their emails to readers:

“CZU fire victims to weigh in on new policy: More than 900 homes were destroyed in the 2020 CZU fire, and fewer than one-tenth have been able to rebuild thanks to a combination of financial, political and bureaucratic obstacles. Supervisors Manu Koenig and Bruce McPherson are considering a policy that would allow victims blocked from rebuilding to sell their development rights to a developer or property owner in an area outside of the hazard zone. The county could offer incentives to the builder or new property owner if the new construction includes a unit or house for the disaster victim. However, before the county pursues enacting this kind of policy, the board of supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to launch a survey of disaster victims to better understand how this strategy would be received.”

The question is, how did none of us hear of this? Why would they need to vote on whether or not they would survey the community that it directly impacts? Why couldn’t things have been incentivized for the folks who lost their homes, why couldn’t we make it easier?

It all comes down to choices. Make no mistake, these are all choices being made. So let’s make different choices.

I am deeply committed to radical transparency and public engagement around matters that directly impact our community members. These are our neighbors and our communities. We all will not agree all of the time, but our voices matter. Your voices matter.

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