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Veterans helping Veterans

Updated: Apr 4

Veterans helping veterans. An absolutely wonderful meeting today with Stoney Brook, talking about the good work being done at the Veteran’s Building to support those who served our country. So many good people donating their time! My father proudly served in the Navy as a nuclear engineer, and currently our oldest son is serving as a pharmacy technician, so Veterans support is personally important to me.

One lesson that Stoney teaches, that we all need to hear, is that veterans don't need to be Fixed, they need to be Heard. Seen. There is huge importance in making sure that the people that we try to serve have a voice at the table. It also speaks to how critical it is for the folks involved in serving our communities to be able to listen properly as well.

Community leaders could learn a lot from this wisdom that Stoney shared; I was sure doing my best to listen and learn this morning, so I could properly support our veterans when I'm in office as the 5th district Supervisor.

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