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What A Great Evening!

Updated: Apr 4

Hey Neighbors!


It was inspiring to connect with so many of you at last night's candidate forum at the Highlands Senior Center. Despite the cold and makeshift lighting, the room overflowed with engaged residents - proof of our community's commitment to participation and democracy. We were all so happy when the lights turned on half way through!


Open forums like this one, where candidates simply share ideas on equal footing, are invaluable opportunities for voters to make informed decisions when they cast their vote and place their trust.


My grassroots campaign launched to change the status quo that currently serves only a privileged few in our county. After meeting more neighbors and listening to your stories, my resolve to bring real change has only grown stronger. But we can only achieve something different if we do something different.




I hope I conveyed my capability to serve as your County Supervisor. More importantly, I hope I conveyed my eagerness to earn your trust and collaborate on solutions that improve life for all families in our district.


Please reach out if you have any other questions before election day which is March 5th. It is vitally important you vote March 5th. If one candidate gets more than 50%, it is over. Because we are the grassroots candidacy every single vote for us matters to get past the primary. With all of the enthusiasm from our campaigns supporters I know we can do it!


In Community,



PS. BCBA and VWC should be appreciated for putting together such a great event, and thank you to League of Women Voters for moderating. A video of last night should be released soon, I will share as soon as it is!

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